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Introduction to Deafblindness

Online course appropriate for those who are looking to gain employment within the field of deafblindness.

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: Free

Contact: for website address and discount code

Deafblindness – Basic Communication

Appropriate for staff coming into contact with people who have a dual sensory impairment, for example retail assistants in supermarkets, tellers in banks, waiting staff in restaurants, healthcare workers in hospitals.

Duration: 1 – 1.5hrs

Cost: Upon Request

An Awareness of Deafblindness

Suitable for staff members interacting with people who have dual sensory impairment. Serves as a good introduction for professionals or front of house staff with little or no experience of deafblindness.

Duration: 2 – 3hrs

Cost: Upon Request

Deafblind Awareness

Teaches basic communication skills and introduces resources available for deafblind people. Ideal for people encountering a wide range of people, for example staff working in shops, hospitals, residential homes.

Duration; 1 day

Cost: Upon Request

Deafblind Awareness in Care Home setting

Enables care home staff to recognise the onset of dual sensory loss, gain knowledge and understanding of different degrees of deafblindness, have an understanding of preferred communication needs and access Communication and Language Service Providers.

Duration; 2hrs

Cost: Upon Request

Level 2 Award in Communication and Guiding with Deafblind People (Manual) (SIGNATURE (DBG2))

Appropriate for those working in Social Work, NHS or care workers in the field, such as day care, home care and residential settings. This course acknowledges that the largest single group of deafblind people are elderly, most of whom rely on residual sight and hearing.

Comprises of 3 individual units; T202 (3 days over 3 consecutive weeks), K202 (1 day), T201 (1 day).

Duration: 1 day per week for 5-week period

Cost: Upon Request

It is advised to complete unit T202, after a period of 6 months experienced delegates should progress to units K202 and T201.

Hands-on Signing with Deafblind People

Appropriate for skilled sign language users (minimum BSL Stage 2), skilled guide/communicators supporting the continued use of sign language by deafblind people and for sign language interpreters to continue their work in the deafblind communities. This form of communication is for people whose first language is BSL and sight has deteriorated to the extent that they are not able to distinguish Hands Signing.

Duration: 1 day

Cost: Upon Request

Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) Language: British Sign Language (BSL) Level 1 and Level 2 Certificate

(D13T 10 and 11)

Each year it is necessary for Deafblind Scotland staff to undergo training, CPD in BSL. Where places are available we welcome others who find it more convenient to attend evening /day sessions.

All lessons fully supported via DbS online training site, accessible by delegate ‘log in’ and ‘password’.

Duration; Level 1, 12 – 15 week period; Level 2, 20 – 25 week period

Cost: Level 1 – Upon Request | Level 2 – Upon Request

SQA Language: BSL Level 1 Certificate – Intensive course

(D13T 10)

Designed specifically for professionals who have limited time/opportunity for vocational training.

Duration: 5 days over 3 – 4 week period

Cost: Upon Request