Right to Dream

Empowering Sensory Loss Communities Through Human Rights Training

For over 5 years, Deafblind Scotland and Visibility Scotland have partnered up to deliver the Right to Dream project, funded through the Scottish Government’s Equality and Human Rights Fund. The initiative delivers training to promote and enhance the understanding of Human Rights among individuals living with sensory loss and those who support them.

Our Mission

The Right to Dream project offers a comprehensive range of training sessions that focus on the rights of individuals who may live with conditions such as deafblindness or sight loss. These sessions are designed to raise awareness about human rights and the protections available against discrimination. By working closely with individuals who have lived experiences of sensory loss, we have developed training that is both practical, authentic and impactful.

Training Themes

Our training sessions cover a variety of topics, including:

  • A Brief History of Human Rights: Understanding the evolution of human rights principles.
  • Key Pieces of Legislation: Familiarizing participants with important legal frameworks.
  • Real-Life Case Studies and Scenarios: Providing concrete examples of rights in action.
  • Focused Discussions: Engaging in meaningful conversations to “make rights real.”

This training will ensure that participants leave feeling more knowledgeable and empowered to advocate for their rights and those of others.

Types of Training

We offer different types of tailored training programs:

For Individuals Living with Sensory Loss

This training is designed specifically for those living with sensory loss or dual-sensory loss. It emphasizes individual rights and offers guidance on how to address and act upon instances of discrimination. Participants will receive practical advice on:

  • What actions to take
  • Where to seek help
  • Who to contact for additional support

Additionally, this training provides a platform for participants to share their experiences and learn from others facing similar challenges.

For Supporters and Service Providers

This training is aimed at those who support or provide services to individuals with sensory loss, including retailers, public service providers, private companies, and third sector organizations. Participants will learn about:

  • The rights of individuals with sensory loss
  • Their duties and responsibilities to prevent and address discrimination

Real-life examples are used to illustrate the impact of negative experiences and the importance of supportive practices. We believe that meaningful change occurs when all societal sectors work together to understand and support each other.

To book a Right to Dream session

Crucially, the Right to Dream training has been designed alongside and is always co-facilitated by an experienced trainer with authentic lived experience. The training can be delivered in person or online, depending on your requirements. If you are interested in hosting a Right to Dream training session, please contact us to discuss how we can best accommodate your needs. Our training sessions are provided at no cost.

Contact Information

To arrange a training session in your area, please reach out to Deafblind Scotland:

  • Email: projectcoordinator@dbscotland.org.uk
  • Telephone: 0141 777 6111

Join us in the Right to Dream project and help us make human rights a reality for everyone.